Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its OUT!

Ok wow, I am freaking out about having this thing out of my body... I had NO idea how instantaneous some of the relief would be. Ill tell you everything Ive been feeling (its been out 2 hours)!

So I went into the doctors office, and they asked me if I was trying to get pregnant, and with an answer of no they all seemed so confused about why I would ever want my dear IUD out. I explained some of my symptoms, and both the nurse AND doctor seemed completely confused as if they had never heard anyone say they had issues with these things. I asked if they ever hear complaints of lower back pain or daily cramps especially from caffeine, or ear ringing, and the doctor was all NO's, completely puzzled so it seems. She also didn't seem interested in hearing what was happening honestly. I find it crazy that medical professionals inserting foreign objects into people wouldn't want to know their side effects.

Turns out my IUD was logged WAY up in there, and she had to really pull out all the stops to remove it, but then she finally grabbed it and in a quick second it was out. Not super painful at first, but with having a tough time finding it and some real effort to remove it I did get some cramping. Well worth it though... as SOON as it came out I felt some something changed. When I was dressed and standing I IMMEDIATELY felt the back pain slip away. Gone. Just like that, after a full several months of it every day. I also noticed the ringing sound in my ears waver a bit, getting louder as she pulled it out, and quieter after with some moments of pause. It isn't gone (yet!), but clearly there is a connection. I also noticed the low dull cramps fading away, and the pressure and foggy feeling in my head feels somehow less noticeable, like I can think again. I feel like suddenly I can breath deeper too.

Ok, so thats it for now... I am feeling so so hopeful, and I hope this helps you guys!!

More soon... Be well <3


  1. Just read your entries. With everything you've told me it makes me seriously want to consider getting mine out. I'm not sure just yet, but my lower back pain has been a constant annoyance since I had mine put it. Thanks for sharing this. -Nagisa

  2. For me, the lower back pain is the tip of the iceberg... just pay attention to your body and if you feel up, down, or whatever. Im glad it helped, and Ill keep posting daily to track how Im feeling. It hasnt solved everything ya know, but if I feel better I think I can solve the rest. <3 M